The Mkakati Culture

We do things differently at MKAKATI, and that’s what makes us unique and different. We focus on a collaborative approach balanced with our unique culture which ensures we recruit the best people to work with us. Our people make our business. Positive results and growth are delivered because we provide teams of highly skilled consultants who apply a combination of strategic experience, business knowledge, common sense along with a wide range of diverse skill sets.

The foundation to our approach is caring for our clients and about each other. Real people working with real people. Understanding clearly what the priorities, concerns and issues that our clients are facing. Our colleagues work together to develop and enhance their skills across a wide range of projects which achieving a quality balance of both work and life.

Professional Training & Development

We recruit the best people. We are looking for people who will fit in with our supportive and collaborative approach, people who are eager to learn from each other, who can work well as a team and can constructively face the challenges our clients face while working together to get the job done.

When you join MKAKATI, we believe it is essential to work in an environment where you are continuously challenged to develop and expand your skills and capabilities. We work with you to develop your career model and offer you the opportunity to:

Our Approach

Creative and analytical in our approach, we identify and implement concrete business solutions while focusing on delivery. Our diverse experience, deep understanding and awareness of the larger picture means we solve multifaceted business problems in creative, practical and innovative ways. Challenges motivate us. We thrive on answering the questions that keep you awake at night. We dig deep, do our research and analysis, to identify the root of the problem. Using a collaborative approach with a combination of business analysis, acumen and common sense we find a solution to implement. Our clients trust us to get the job done, with a consulting approach and belief that the only thing that matters – is making a real and positive difference for our clients.

We embrace our differences and diverse perspectives to enrich the quality of concepts and guidance we deliver to our clients

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