Unlocking Africa’s Potential
Mkakati works with determined companies and organizations that are committed to improving the socioeconomic development of Africa working with public and private entities to go above and beyond their potential.
Unveiling Opportunities for Growth
We identify multiple opportunities for your brand and facilitate full implementation of strategic advice where necessary.
Elevate your Corporate Strategy with Consistent Communications
We build and implement your wider corporate strategy with corporate communications to ensure your business goals are achieved while elevating your corporate profile.

Introducing MKAKATI and What We do

We are an advisory and consultancy firm providing strategic advice, integrated solutions and success on a wide range of critical issues.


Africa is a continent of vibrant culture, bold colors with beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife. It is a source of immense inspiration for businesses. Africa is considered to be the cradle of humankind. Once you have felt that soul, its unique borders are all encapsulating and leave an everlasting impression


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