The challenges many businesses face is complex and the risks and stakes are high. It’s vital to get it right the first time. Working with the right firm helps you identify the right strategy for your business and execute it with certainty, control and effectiveness. At MKAKATI, we bring together the right expertise to help you create your strategy and execute it using a wide range of experience and in-depth foresight into the market while implementing a range of technical and functional skills to bring success to your business.

Embracing change, empowering people

OUR MISSION: Our Mission is to create a robust strategy that is successfully executed throughout all levels of your organization to yield growth and success.

OUR VISION: Our Vision is to become the leading advisory in Strategy & Corporate Communications in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We ask the tough questions so we can get the answers to ensure you seize the biggest opportunities. Our success is measured by your success. We believe in working together to build value as defined by your vision, mission, priorities and goals. We want to help you transform your business.

When you work with MKAKATI, we can help you:

Our core values are: integrity, objectivity, fun, quality and transparency. Our company culture is premised on liking what you do and loving who you do it with. We will add value and use good leadership to make a difference to our clients.
We deliver tangible results for corporates, government agencies, private firms, boards, hospitality and IT firms facing complex challenges. The story lies in transforming operations, propelling growth and accelerating results through decisive action while managing crisis and unlocking value at every stage. Our goal is to build from your strengths and design a strategy in line with your capabilities to help define how you want to compete and shape your future.
Our approach to consulting is more than an advisor. In order to deliver enduring results for our clients and build lasting relationships with them, we treat each client business as if it were our own. Our incentives are in line with your objectives so we can prosper together. Your success is our success. Each strategy is bespoke and tailor made to each individual client’s specific situation and we work with all levels of your organization to ensure impactful changes remain long after we leave.